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Consent via Hosted UI


This flow allows card details to be collected securely via a Stitch-hosted interface, after a consent request is created. Consent is granted on the request once the user completes the card collection journey successfully.

  1. Initiate a consent request.
  2. Direct the user to the returned URL.
  3. Receive a consent webhook.

The ID of this consent request is the card token. At this point in the flow the consent request will be in a PENDING state. The token may only be used for payments once the consent request is in a GRANTED state.

Build your URL by attaching a redirect_uri parameter

A redirect_uri query parameter must be attached to the url returned by the above API call. This is the same process used when performing a once-off payment.

Once this query parameter has been attached, the user can be sent to this page. Once a user inputs their card details, and performs any required verification steps (such as 3D-secure), consent is granted.

If you are subscribed to consent webhooks, you will receive an update once the RecurringPaymentConsentRequest has reached a GRANTED state.