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Reference Material

API Reference

The Stitch IDE has an interactive schema explorer that includes API reference docs, available here. Click the tab labeled Docs on the top right to open the explorer. Visit this page for more information on how the IDE works.


GraphQL Specification is the official specification of the GraphQL language.

GraphQL Learn provides a more approachable introduction to GraphQL.

For more information about integrating with a GraphQL API from scratch, please see our blog post: How to integrate Stitch using GraphQL


Stitch aims to maintain compatibility with the Relay Server Specification.

Apollo Server

Stitch currently uses Apollo Server to serve API requests.

Helpful GraphQL Libraries

While it is easy enough to query a GraphQL API using standard HTTP libraries, it is often more convenient to use dedicated libraries for this purpose. Many of them contain features that help correctly type the return types of features, and enable potential query optimizations.

Here are a list of some useful GraphQL libraries:

RelayA JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applicationsReact
Apollo Client🚀 A fully-featured, production ready caching GraphQL client for every UI framework and GraphQL serverJavascript, React
graphql-dotnet🥅 A GraphQL Client for .NET.NET
prisma-labs/graphql-request📡 Minimal GraphQL client supporting Node and browsers for scripts or simple appsNode, Javascript
Apollo iOS📱 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in SwiftiOS, Swift
Apollo Kotlin📟 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for Android, Kotlin and the JVMAndroid, Kotlin, Java
graphql-java☕️ A Java library for building GraphQL APIs.Java
GraphQL Kotlin📦 A collection of libraries built on top of graphql-java that simplify running GraphQL clients and servers in KotlinKotlin
GQL🐍 A GraphQL client for Python 3.6+ that can be used in either async or sync mode.Python
Async-graphql⚙️ Async-graphql is a high-performance server-side library that supports all GraphQL specifications.Rust
zino-app/graphql-flutter🦋 A GraphQL client implementation in Flutter.Flutter

Awesome GraphQL and GraphQL Code maintain lists with a lot more useful GraphQL libraries and tools. It is likely that your preferred platform or language will have at least one or two libraries within these lists.