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Card payment methods provide easy ways to accept payments online. Card is a versatile payment primitive, and can be used to build experiences such as checkout flows, peer-to-peer payments, e-wallets, investment products and more.

Stitch facilitate various methods of accepting Card payments:

  • Once-off card payments, by payment request creation. Creating a payment request generates a unique URL that allows a user to complete payment by entering their cardholder details and complete any further interaction or authorization (if required), such as 3DS.
  • Recurring payments, whereby you receive a token after the user provides their consent. Subsequent transactions may then be charged directly via API, by use of this token.

Stitch tokenizes card credentials in PCI-compliant storage. Metadata like the cardholder name, expiry date, first 6 (BIN) and last 4 digits are made available via the Stitch API.