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Manual EFT

Over the last year, we've seen continued growth in our flagship Pay By Bank solution, which has allowed businesses to make it easier than ever for customers to pay, as well as to track and reconcile those payments. We know that choice is key when it comes to delighting and retaining loyal customers.

We want to help businesses offer even more ways to pay, while enjoying some of the same benefits they get from our Pay By Bank solution. Now businesses can enable users to initiate a Manual EFT payment directly from their online banking app or portal and:

  • Avoid the need to develop and maintain direct integrations with individual banks
  • Receive notifications for payments made via manual EFT
  • Reconcile payments seamlessly alongside other Stitch methods

Manual EFT are payments made with a Payment Request. This can happen if:

  1. Stitch is configured to be in the flow of funds and
  2. The user makes a payment directly from their banking portal.