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Bank Queries

Additional bank and bank account queries exist on a client level, that may be useful to you depending on your client setup with Stitch. These are accessible with a client token.

Bank Accounts

As a Stitch client, you can query the API for data relating to your Stitch-operated bank accounts - Both settlement and float accounts are supported.


This feature will only return data to clients with an intermediary account - all Payouts clients as well as Payins clients who use an intermediary account to receive payment confirmation notifications.

This query retrieves all Stitch intermediary accounts operated on behalf of a client including the bank information, account names, numbers, types, and balances.

Supported and Operational Banks

This query fetches information about the banks that Stitch supports for linking and user-payments, as well as whether they are experiencing any downtime.

The field is a top level field

In the query below we fetch all banks (a top-level field), and whether they are currently supported by Stitch for each feature.

The table below describes the response types for the state field.

BankSupportedStateThis bank is currently supported by Stitch for data and/or payments.
BankUnsupportedStateThis bank is currently not supported by Stitch for any product.

The below table describes the various featureStatus fields, which are available when the BankState is BankSupportedState.

BankFeatureOperationalStatusThis feature is supported, and fully operational.
BankFeatureDegradedStatusThis feature is supported. However, performance is degraded or inconsistent.
BankFeatureUnavailableStatusThis feature is supported. However, the institution is temporarily unavailable.
BankFeatureUnsupportedStatusThis features is not currently supported by Stitch.