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Payouts Overview

Payouts are payments made from your company's bank account to a destination account or multiple destination accounts. Payouts include refunds, disbursements and settlements.

You can initiate payouts over API, on a per-transaction basis or in bulk. The Stitch API allows you to issue refunds to a verified account and send disbursements to one or many destination accounts. You can also easily check on the status of your payouts by querying our API or receive updates via webhook.

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Disbursements instruct Stitch to pay directly to destination accounts.

The default payout rail for disbursements is SDV (same-day if the instruction is submitted before daily cut-off time). However, you can choose to disburse via RTC (instant) at a higher cost.

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If you've integrated Pay By Bank, you can issue refunds to the same account that was used to make a Payment Request. Currently, the available payout rail for refunds is SDV.

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A settlement represents a payout made to a client and contains a batched set of user payments.

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