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input DebicheckCollectionInput {
collectionFrequency: DebicheckCollectionFrequencyEnum!
collectionDay: Int
debitValueType: DebicheckValueTypeEnum!
instalmentAmount: MoneyInput
maximumCollectionAmount: MoneyInput
amountAdjustmentFrequency: DebicheckAmountAdjustmentFrequencyEnum!
adjustmentAmount: MoneyInput
adjustmentRate: Int


collectionFrequency ● DebicheckCollectionFrequencyEnum! non-null enum

collectionDay ● Int scalar

A number for the day of the week, or a day of the month, as per the frequency selected in the 'collectionFrequency' field. Weekly: 1 = Monday, to 7 = Sunday Fortnightly: 1 = Monday, to 7 = Sunday (first week). 8 = Monday, to 14 = Sunday (second week). Monthly: 1 - 30 Quarterly: 1 - 30, or 99 = last day BiAnnually: 1 - 30, or 99 = last day Adhoc: once a month. 1 = the last Monday, to 6 = last Saturday. 7 = first Monday, to 12 = first Saturday. 14 = 2nd last day. 99 = last day.

debitValueType ● DebicheckValueTypeEnum! non-null enum

instalmentAmount ● MoneyInput input

This field is required if debitValueType is 'fixed', or 'variable'. Must be less than or equal to 'maximumCollectionAmount'

maximumCollectionAmount ● MoneyInput input

If 'debitValueType' is 'usageBased', this value can not be greater than 500,000.00 If 'debitValueType' is 'variable' or 'fixed', this value can not be greater than 1.5 times the 'instalmentAmount'

amountAdjustmentFrequency ● DebicheckAmountAdjustmentFrequencyEnum! non-null enum

The frequency at which the instalment and maximum collection amount can be adjusted

adjustmentAmount ● MoneyInput input

Only one of either 'adjustmentAmount' or 'adjustmentRate' can be provided. One of these fields is required if 'amountAdjustmentFrequency' is 'quarterly', 'biannually', 'annually'

adjustmentAmount: The amount to adjust the instalmentAmount by. Can be negative. adjustmentRate: The rate by which the instalmentAmount and the maximumCollectionAmount can be adjusted. Can be negative.

adjustmentRate ● Int scalar