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LinkPay OverviewDeprecated


This section includes information around Stitch products and features that are now deprecated. Deprecated aspects of Stitch's plaform are no longer being supported or improved upon.

If you are currently using a deprecated Stitch product, please consider upgrading to one of our newer and equivalent offerings.

Use LinkPay to tokenise user financial accounts and enable one-click payments for returning users. Perfect for wallet ecosystems, returning e-commerce checkouts, scan-to-pay products, investing and trading apps, P2P payments solutions, marketplaces and platforms and more.

Once a user's bank account is linked, you can enable recurring or variable recurring payments from the same linked, authorised account. Perfect for savings tools, subscription services and more.

This payment type is recommended for fintech-driven use-cases such as wallet funding, investments, and other experiences where tokenization or account linking would be beneficial for reducing conversion hurdles over time for repeat users.

It is recommended that LinkPay should also be used in concert with the data product, allowing you to verify that the user's identity and account information matches the details you have on file. This enables you to mitigate fraud and prevent deposits from bank accounts that do not match the KYC details you have on record for the customer.

For more information on how to optimise your payments journey, read our blog post on UI/UX best practices for LinkPay