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Direct DepositsDeprecated


This section includes information around Stitch products and features that are now deprecated. Deprecated aspects of Stitch's plaform are no longer being supported or improved upon.

If you are currently using a deprecated Stitch product, please consider upgrading to one of our newer and equivalent offerings.

Direct deposits are payments made without a Payment Request. This can happen if:

  1. Stitch is configured to be in the flow of funds and
  2. The user makes a payment directly from their banking portal.

Direct deposits are considered exceptions to the normal payment flows. Users should be encouraged to complete a payment request where possible.


Direct deposits are automatically settled in bulk. Clients receive a single payment containing the total sum of all direct deposits made during the settlement period.


Direct deposits are combined with amounts from other payment methods to form a single settlement. The total value of a settlement is the sum of:

  • InstantPay amounts
  • LinkPay amounts
  • DirectDeposit amounts

Please see Settlements for more details about how these payouts are processed.

Retrieving Direct Deposits

Direct deposits can be queried via the Client node on the Stitch API. Please see Pagination for more information about the query parameters.

We currently support two types of payment methods for direct deposits - EFT and ATM Cash deposits. Users can make a deposit using the reference and account number. The payment method used is surfaced when querying for direct deposits.

Direct deposits are also available via the Settlement node, alongside the other payment types.

Simulating DirectDeposits

Test clients can create a direct deposit in order to test the flow in a simulated environment. In order to use this mutation, a client must:

  • Be in the flow of funds
  • Have a direct deposit settlement beneficiary account configured.

This mutation returns the reference that you input for the direct deposit. You can then use this reference as a filter to query the direct deposit back.

Get Settlement Account Details

To view the settlement account configured on a client for direct deposits, you can run the below query

Subscribing to Direct Deposit Webhooks

To receive a webhook upon payment completion or failure you will need to create a subscription for your client. Please note that this will always send a signed webhook for your Direct Deposit requests. You can read more about how to verify the signature within the webhook event in our more detailed guide here

If the subscription is successfully created, the body returned by the request will look like the sample in the Example Response tab in widget above.

Visit the Webhooks page for information on receiving webhook events, unsubscribing from webhooks and validating subscriptions.