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Card Configuration

Before any Card payments (whether once-off or recurring) may be processed via Stitch, the following information must be provided.

Settlement Destination

Your bank account details are required for Stitch to settle successful and confirmed payments to you, daily.

3D-Secure Enforcement

3DS verification is always enforced on the first transaction made with each card. There are three choices for enforcing 3DS on subsequent transactions per card.

AlwaysEnabled for all transactions.
Once-offEnabled for all once-off transactions.
First-per-cardEnabled for the first transaction. Disabled for all subsequent transactions.

3D-Secure Enrolment

While all South African banks support 3DS verification, you may interact with international cards issued by banks that do not.

RejectCards that are not enrolled for 3DS are rejected.
AllowCards that are not enrolled, are allowed. This option takes precedent over the repeat transactions options above.

Bringing your own acquirer

If you have an existing relationship with an acquiring bank, Stitch will also need your Merchant ID. In this scenario, your acquirer will settle the funds directly into your account. Note that in this case, Stitch will not expose payment confirmations.