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Payment Confirmation StatusDeprecated


This section includes information around Stitch products and features that are now deprecated. Deprecated aspects of Stitch's plaform are no longer being supported or improved upon.

If you are currently using a deprecated Stitch product, please consider upgrading to one of our newer and equivalent offerings.

The paymentConfirmation field provides the status of the payment landing in the client account.


An intermediary account is required to use this field. For clients without an intermediary account, it will appear as null for all paymentRequests.

The following table outlines the possible payment confirmation statuses:

nullThe PaymentConfirmation will be null on any paymentRequest that is not completed.
PaymentPendingThe PaymentRequest has been completed but the payment has not yet been received into the Stitch intermediary account.
PaymentReceivedThe payment was received into the Stitch intermediary account.
PaymentUnsettledThe payment was not received into the Stitch intermediary account after 7 days.

An example of a paymentInitiation query including paymentConfirmation is as follows:

Webhooks can be received for payment confirmation updates by subscribing to the payment-initiation.confirmation event type. An example is as follows:

Simulating Payment Confirmations

In order to simulate receiving a payment confirmation for a test client, the testClientCreatePaymentConfirmation mutation can be used. This will change the status of the paymentConfirmation to PaymentReceived.