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Make a HTTP GET request with the standard authorization header to the downloadURL to retrieve the document itself

This type requires the following scope:


type BankAccountStatement implements Node {
id: ID!
downloadUrl: URL!
mimetype: MimeType!
filename: String!
certified: Boolean!
startDate: Date!
endDate: Date!
bankAccount: BankAccount!


id ● ID! non-null scalar

downloadUrl ● URL! non-null scalar

mimetype ● MimeType! non-null scalar

filename ● String! non-null scalar

certified ● Boolean! non-null scalar

This indicates if the statement has an official bank stamp.

startDate ● Date! non-null scalar

The earliest date covered by this statement.

endDate ● Date! non-null scalar

The latest date covered by this statement

bankAccount ● BankAccount! non-null object

The bank account which the statement is for


Node interface

An abstract datatype that has a locally unique identifier, allowing a given node to be later queried by id using the node(id: ID!) query.