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type Card implements Node {
id: ID!
cardUsageType: CardUsageType!
externalUserId: String
cardHolderName: String!
expiryYear: UInt!
expiryMonth: UInt!
network: CardNetwork!
first6: String!
last4: String!
clientId: String


id ● ID! non-null scalar

NOTE: The Account Number and Security Code aren't available here. Those fields are only mentioned during card creation.

cardUsageType ● CardUsageType! non-null enum

externalUserId ● String scalar

cardHolderName ● String! non-null scalar

expiryYear ● UInt! non-null scalar

expiryMonth ● UInt! non-null scalar

network ● CardNetwork! non-null enum

first6 ● String! non-null scalar

last4 ● String! non-null scalar

clientId ● String scalar


Node interface

An abstract datatype that has a locally unique identifier, allowing a given node to be later queried by id using the node(id: ID!) query.