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type TenantClient {
id: ID!
name: String!
environment: Environment!
url: LenientURL!
redirectUrls: [LenientURL!]!
allowedGrantTypes: [String!]!
allowedScopes: [Scope!]!
identityTokenLifetime: Int!
accessTokenLifetime: Int!
authorizationCodeLifetime: Int!
absoluteRefreshTokenLifetime: Int!
slidingRefreshTokenLifetime: Int!
refreshTokenUsage: Int!
countryCodes: [CountryCode!]!


id ● ID! non-null scalar

name ● String! non-null scalar

environment ● Environment! non-null enum

url ● LenientURL! non-null scalar

The url from which the client will be used.

redirectUrls ● [LenientURL!]! non-null scalar

A set of allowlisted redirect urls.

allowedGrantTypes ● [String!]! non-null scalar

set of allowed grant types.

allowedScopes ● [Scope!]! non-null enum

The scopes the client will be restricted to.

identityTokenLifetime ● Int! non-null scalar

accessTokenLifetime ● Int! non-null scalar

authorizationCodeLifetime ● Int! non-null scalar

absoluteRefreshTokenLifetime ● Int! non-null scalar

slidingRefreshTokenLifetime ● Int! non-null scalar

refreshTokenUsage ● Int! non-null scalar

countryCodes ● [CountryCode!]! non-null scalar

The countries that are enabled for the client.