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type Salary {
salaryExpected: Money!
salaryStandardDeviation: Money!
nextSalaryPaymentExpectedDate: Date!
nextSalaryPaymentStandardDeviationInDays: Decimal!
confidence: Decimal!
frequency: SalaryFrequency!
previousSalaryPaymentDate: Date!
transactions(filter: TransactionFilterInput): SalaryTransactionConnection!


salaryExpected ● Money! non-null scalar

The expected amount of the next salary payment

salaryStandardDeviation ● Money! non-null scalar

The observed standard deviation of the salary

nextSalaryPaymentExpectedDate ● Date! non-null scalar

When we expect this user to next be paid

nextSalaryPaymentStandardDeviationInDays ● Decimal! non-null scalar

The observed standard deviation of nextSalaryPaymentExpectedDate in days.

confidence ● Decimal! non-null scalar

A number between 0-1.0 representing the confidence that the transactions that make up this salary correlate and that this is a reliable source of income

frequency ● SalaryFrequency! non-null enum

How often the user is paid this salary. To start off with, only a monthly cadence is supported

previousSalaryPaymentDate ● Date! non-null scalar

When this user was last paid this salary

transactions ● SalaryTransactionConnection! non-null object

The observed transactions that may be correlated with this salary

filter ● TransactionFilterInput input

ALPHA feature, please do not rely on this argument for production usage.