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The verified details of a natural person who owns an account.

type VerifiedIndividualBankAccountDetails {
familyName: String
familyNameVerificationResult: VerificationResult
initials: String
initialsVerificationResult: VerificationResult
identifyingDocument: IdentifyingDocument
identifyingDocumentVerificationResult: VerificationResult!


familyName ● String scalar

Surname(s) or last name(s) of the Individual. Note that in some cultures, people can have multiple family names or no family name; all can be present, with the names being separated by space characters.

familyNameVerificationResult ● VerificationResult enum

initials ● String scalar

Initials of the account holder. Initials are typically the capital letters that make up the accountholder's given name. For example, if the accountholder's full name is Jonathan Paul Clegg, the initials would be 'JP'.

initialsVerificationResult ● VerificationResult enum

identifyingDocument ● IdentifyingDocument union

This value of this field is null if the identifying document cannot be positively correlated with the account details provided.

identifyingDocumentVerificationResult ● VerificationResult! non-null enum