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type Disbursement implements Node {
id: ID!
amount: Money!
nonce: String!
beneficiaryReference: String!
bankBeneficiary: DisbursementBankBeneficiary!
linkedAccountId: ID
recipientAccountHolder: DisbursementRecipientAccountHolder
status: DisbursementStatus!
created: Date!


id ● ID! non-null scalar

amount ● Money! non-null scalar

The amount and currency to be disbursed

nonce ● String! non-null scalar

Randomly generated unique string to ensure idempotency

beneficiaryReference ● String! non-null scalar

The reference that will be displayed on the users statement

bankBeneficiary ● DisbursementBankBeneficiary! non-null object

The bank details of the beneficiary of the disbursement

linkedAccountId ● ID scalar

This field is populated if the disbursement is linked to a user

recipientAccountHolder ● DisbursementRecipientAccountHolder object

The identifying details of the recipient of the disbursement

status ● DisbursementStatus! non-null union

The status of that disbursement

created ● Date! non-null scalar

The date of disbursement creation


Node interface

An abstract datatype that has a locally unique identifier, allowing a given node to be later queried by id using the node(id: ID!) query.